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How To Keep Your Home And Family Safe When You Have A Nanny

by Julio Duncan

Hiring a nanny can be a great way to ensure that your little one is properly cared for while taking some of the stress off of you and the other adults in the household. However, trusting someone with your child's care and allowing him or her into your home can probably make you pretty nervous. If it's safety and security that you are worried about, there are a few things that you can do about it.

Install Nanny Cams

One great option for both protecting your child and protecting your home is to install nanny cams. Nanny cams are simply small cameras that are placed in hidden areas of the home. Then, you can watch the footage to ensure that your child is being properly cared for and that your nanny isn't doing anything in your home that he or she shouldn't be.

Don't Offer Full Access to Your Home

Your nanny is probably going to need a key to your home, but you might want to restrict his or her access to some degree. For example, you might want to offer a key for just one of your locks rather than for your deadbolt, so that your nanny can get in and out throughout the day but won't always have access. Then, when you and your family go out of town or when you otherwise might worry that your nanny might come in uninvited, you can ensure that your home is secure and safe from potential theft.

Lock Away Your Valuables

Although it's obviously best to hire a nanny who you can trust, leaving your valuables where they can be easily accessed might make things a little too tempting. Therefore, it's smart to keep your jewelry, cash and other valuables stashed in a a fire safe or other secure place. You might even want to consider installing a lock on your bedroom door, so that you can restrict access and keep larger valuables, such as electronics, safe.

As you can see, there are a few things that you can do to help keep your family safe and secure, even when you have a nanny working in your home. If you take these steps, then you can find peace of mind, and you won't have to worry as much about your family's safety and security. Luckily, these steps should be relatively easy to implement, so you can take care of them before you ever hire a nanny to enter your home.

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