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How To Maintain Your Fire Sprinkler Systems

by Julio Duncan

With so many concerns in modern life, maintaining your fire sprinkler systems may seem like a small priority. However, taking care of this system is fairly simple, and it can save you a lot of trouble. 

Why You should Maintain Your Fire Sprinklers

Aside from safety concerns, there are several reasons to maintain your fire sprinkler systems. There are certain financial perks to having a functional sprinkler system, such as breaks on your insurance premiums. For commercial spaces, you also eliminate the risk of paying for fire damages; having a working sprinkler system in place limits your liability. 

Finally, there are certain environmental conditions that can cause your sprinkler systems to go haywire. If you live in a very humid area, the metal can rust very quickly. Even small amounts of corrosion can block the release of water. In areas where the temperature changes drastically, you may notice changes in the amount of water pressure that your sprinklers receive. 

When to Maintain Sprinkler Systems

It's a good idea to do a quarterly check to make sure your sprinklers are still functioning correctly. You should also check their functionality if you do any major renovation-- dust and pieces of debris can clog the heads and render them useless. Finally, check your water sprinklers after any event that changes the frequency of your water use, such as a change of occupancy, a drought that reduces water flow, or change of water companies. 

How to Maintain Fire Sprinklers

When checking your fire sprinklers, you are looking to make sure that their pathway is clear. First, check to make sure that all of the valves are open; you will twist in the direction marked on the sprinkler. You can also check that the valve is clear of debris by using a pipe cleaner. If you are able to turn on a single sprinkler to test the water pressure, this is a great test. 

At the same time, you want to be sure that you're following the best practice for fire sprinklers. Make sure that there is nothing blocking their way; there should be a few feet of free space below them so that the water can disperse. Never hang an object from your sprinklers. 

If you don't feel comfortable testing the system yourself, you could also opt to hire a professional inspector from a company like All Type Fire Protection Inc. However you choose to do it, a quarterly fire sprinkler check is a smart way to protect your assets.