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What Is an Electronic Access Control System?

by Julio Duncan

If you run a business, you want it to remain as secure as possible. One way to do this is by limiting access to your office or building with an electronic access control system. Electronic access control (EAC) is a type of security system that uses different types of electronic readers. It is often used in place of a door lock, though you might have deadbolt locked during the night, then the EAC reader during the day for employee access. Here is more information about having an EAC in the workplace.

What are the Readers?

Electronic access control systems rely on readers. These are boxes that are mounted outside of doors to restrict access. There are different types of readers, differing in what types of credentials are needed to gain access. Some of them take personal identification number (PIN) codes that are entered each time someone needs to get in, while others use electronic cards that are swiped or even fingerprints. The type you get might depend on your budget, needs, and how often access is gained. With frequent access, card swiping is typically most convenient.

There are also more advanced readers that rely on the vein patterns of a person's hand or their retinal scans. These are the most expensive and saved for highly confidential offices or rooms in your business.

Who Needs to Use EACs?

Any type of business that doesn't want the general public to be able to enter a room or section of your building should use electronic access systems. Using a locked door that requires a key isn't very practical, since you would not only need keys for each person, but those keys could be stolen and replicated. Instead, it makes more sense to use EACs and choose your desired method of entry. When you use a card swiping machine, those cards can't be easily copied. You may run a doctor's office and don't want patients to have automatic access to back rooms until they are let in by a nurse, or have a jewelry store and want to restrict access to the room with the safe.

What Are Other Benefits of These Access Control Systems?

Aside from allowing or restricting access, there are also other benefits of using an EAC. First of all, it gives you the ability to program the readers for certain people. If you have an employee who leaves unexpectedly, you can program the reader to no longer accept their PIN or electronic card for access. It gives you peace of mind and you don't need to worry about confiscating their key. You can also keep track of who enters restricted areas of your building, including employees, so you know when and how often they are in those rooms.

If you aren't sure what type of EAC you want, contact a company that installs them (such as Guardian Security Solutions in Lethbrigde). They will show you the different models, provide recommendations, and let you try them out to figure out what type is best suited for you.